Friday, December 29, 2006

No More Excuses...

I'm trying to go home... really I am. For the first time in six years my flight has been delayed and I am stuck in the airport, just waiting... someday I'll get to leave, and someday I'll get back to my car in DC... what a long day. However, since I'm sitting here I might as well do something productive right?

So, what's new since my last blog? What isn't new?

I did quit my job, which I really am happy about. I started subbing at the schools in the district, that's been fun... but not altogether stable. Things are going well at the church. There are always ups and downs, but altogether I love my kids and the rest of the congregation too. Tomorrow we have a big winter formal, we're not ready yet, and where am I? In the airport...
At the end of October I took in a stray... a girl from my church who needed a place to stay for a bit. A bit has turned into two months and counting. It's going alright though. It's hard to say if I'll be glad to have my space back when she goes or if I'll just be lonely.

Oh, and the most recent news: I'll start a full time job at Colonel Richardson Middle School on Tuesday. Pray for me. It's a rough school, I'll be rather out of my element. As a white girl I'll definitely be in the minority. It's going to be an adventure for sure.

So, here's to seeing what 2007 holds!

*I wrote this post on 12/29... but was interrupted by a boarding call... I didn't get back online to publish it til 1/4!