Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So Mad I Could Spit!

It seems that I only blog when I'm irritated about something, but hey... what can you do? One of these days I'll have a happy blog :)

Almost three weeks ago my new car broke down, over 500 miles from home. I had purchased the car only three weeks before so it was still covered under it's warranty so I wasn't too concerned about it. It made for a stressful vacation working out the details and finding a way home, but I was confident that the dealer I had bought it from would take care of it. I bought the car from them because of their great service reputation.

I will finally go to pick my car up tomorrow, weather permitting. I've spent my entire vacation waiting around for my car to be fixed, throwing all of my vacation plans to the side while I tried to be patient. I really have tried to be patient, through all of this ridiculous situation, but today was the last straw, I just about lost it.

The dealer called me today to tell me that the car was ready and I could have it just as soon as I paid a $99 deductible. What happened to my bumper to bumper warranty I wanted to know? What happened to being straightforward and upfront with your customers? Since when can you charge someone for a service that they have not authorized? When I gave them the go ahead to pick the car up and fix it it was with their assurance and my understanding that I wouldn't have to pay for any of it. Now they tell me that I have to pay the $99 deductible that is clearly spelled out on the 1 year warranty but does not appear anywhere with a 30 day bumper to bumper warranty.

I am so angry! I feel like I've been lied to, taken advantage of, and deceived. I may be a single young girl, but that doesn't mean that I can be walked all over. I want to stand up for myself, and I did on the phone, but really it didn't make a difference. Tomorrow I have to go to the dealership, return my rental car and pick up my car. I want to scream and yell and be mean and demand my way. I know that won't be effective, but I don't know what will be. As a Christian am I stepping out of line to insist upon being treated fairly and standing up for what I feel I am entitled to? I can't wait to have my pretty new car back (pictures as soon as I get back), but I am NOT going to pay a fee that I was never informed of, that I should NOT have to pay. I sure hope this works out...