Saturday, September 17, 2005

Since Sarah Has a Big Mouth...

Well, I guess now I have to tell about the date, since Sarah so kindly informed everyone that there was a date.

I was set up on a blind date of sorts this week, Thursday actually. I was unbelievably nervous and it took me like a week to decide on something to wear. All I knew about this boy was that his name was Jason (okay, I knew his last name too, but we don't need to share that), he's 28, he works for a mobile home place, he goes to a baptist church (gasp!), and my adopted grandparents love him. That same adorable elderly couple (ages 90 and 76) invited us both over for dinner so that we could meet.

So Jason turned out to be a pretty nice guy, but honestly there were NO sparks. There just wasn't any attraction there, at least not on my part. He just wasn't my type, not that I think I really have a type, but hey... he had a mustache and he has two small dogs he calls his children... does anyone actually think that sounds like the perfect man for me? I think I'll probably go out with him one more time, just to give it a chance, see how things are when it's just the two of us. I don't see any romance in our future, but I could definitely use a friend here.

Off the subject of the date, as far as a general update... well, I don't have much to say. Things are okay here on the Eastern Shore. It's still uncomfortably hot here, the job situation is a struggle, but the Lord is blessing anyway. I still have days I worry, but the Lord has taken care of every worry I've had, even when I have had the attitude that doesn't warrant a blessing. I've held off on letting everyone know what I was doing, hoping I'd have great news to tell people... but I never thought it would be this long.

One more random comment beore I go... I was in a department store tonight and they had an entire christmas tree village set up... it's not even fall yet... that's a LITTLE much... I love christmas and all, but really...