Wednesday, April 05, 2006

For All You Baseball Fans Out There

I wouldn't consider myself a big sports fan. No one who has met me would say that I'm a sports fanatic. However, I do love a good baseball game... in fact I love anything that has to do with the Yankees - I was raised right, what can I say?

Every good Yankee fan, every child of a Yankee fan is raised to hate the Red Sox. Every good Red Sox fan, every child of a Red Sox fan, is raised to hate the Yankees. I'm a mix breed. I am the product of two totally devoted fan families, only they are devoted to two different teams. What's a kid to do? The best thing in life is when you find things that combine them both.

This article made me laugh out loud. To the point that my co-workers were looking at me funny. If you love baseball, you'll love it too. Or at least you should.