Saturday, April 14, 2007


I've been asked a lot for pictures of the boy... well, I don't have pictures of the boy just yet, but if you go to my facebook or myspace you can see pictures of his beautiful girls!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Are You Kidding?!?!?!?!

This isn't a real post, just a quick burst of frustration, so bear with me.

I knew when I moved here that I would experience less than typical winter weather. I know that Maryland is not Vermont. However, this is a little much. It is January right? Not May, not September? This afternoon it was 73 degrees at my house, and at the same time in Beverly Hills it was only 62... something is wrong with that picture. VERY wrong!

I love winter, for a little while anyway... why won't it come see me here?

Friday, December 29, 2006

No More Excuses...

I'm trying to go home... really I am. For the first time in six years my flight has been delayed and I am stuck in the airport, just waiting... someday I'll get to leave, and someday I'll get back to my car in DC... what a long day. However, since I'm sitting here I might as well do something productive right?

So, what's new since my last blog? What isn't new?

I did quit my job, which I really am happy about. I started subbing at the schools in the district, that's been fun... but not altogether stable. Things are going well at the church. There are always ups and downs, but altogether I love my kids and the rest of the congregation too. Tomorrow we have a big winter formal, we're not ready yet, and where am I? In the airport...
At the end of October I took in a stray... a girl from my church who needed a place to stay for a bit. A bit has turned into two months and counting. It's going alright though. It's hard to say if I'll be glad to have my space back when she goes or if I'll just be lonely.

Oh, and the most recent news: I'll start a full time job at Colonel Richardson Middle School on Tuesday. Pray for me. It's a rough school, I'll be rather out of my element. As a white girl I'll definitely be in the minority. It's going to be an adventure for sure.

So, here's to seeing what 2007 holds!

*I wrote this post on 12/29... but was interrupted by a boarding call... I didn't get back online to publish it til 1/4!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick Question...

Just out of curiosity... who all is going to the Brown/Gomez wedding this weekend?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Possum Promises

I love that my God has a sense of humor.

Possums are funny creatures, some say they are cute, some find them rather ugly. To me, they're a funny reminder from my God.

A few months ago I was complaining to someone that I had never seen a possum alive. It seemed that I saw dead possums in the middle of the road all the time, but never a live one. We happened to be at a small group bible study when this conversation took place. Jokingly we prayed that I would see a possum. Wouldn't you know that on the way home I saw not one, but two possums. Little blessings :)

Fast forward to last week. The Lord rewarded a rough week and a crummy day with a possum crossing the road. It was all I needed to remember that God cares about the little things as much as the big things, that my rough week was only that, and that it mattered to God.

All that to say: "Thank you Jesus for possums" :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life As A House

In my new house I have a gi-normous tv... we're talking like 42" or bigger... it's really huge. However, with this ginormous tv I have no reception. I can't get cable, I don't have satellite, and I don't have an antenna. I live alone and in the middle of nowhere... I need noise. So this means that I watch a lot of movies. That's fine with me, I love movies.

The other night I watched a movie I bought after only seeing a very brief clip. I had never heard of it, but it was a great investment. I don't usually do that, but this time I'm glad I did.

If you've never seen Life As A House I recommend you go watch it now... or maybe tonight... really soon anyway.

I've tried three times now to write a synopsis of the movie, a review or something of the sort, and every time it comes vastly short of communicating the greatness of this movie. It is a beautiful picture of the relationship between a father and a son and the growth that happens as they build a house together. I especially recommend it for anyone who works with teens.. but really it's just good for anyone.

I will forewarn you that there is fair amount of language and some very adult subject matter, but almost all of it is essential to the story line and appropriate to the situations.

Again... go watch this movie!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Enough Already

I've decided that I've had enough already. Enough of summer that is.

I'm ready for fall to start. The kids are going back to school, that should mean that it is fall, not that it is 85-90 out (yes, that's what the weather's been like here). I'm ready for sweaters and crunchy leaves. I'm ready for bright blue skies and crisp cool days. I'm ready for pumpkin pie, cinnamon buns, candy corn, and apple cider. I want reds, yellows, oranges, and browns to be the colors of everything in my house.

I am ready for fall!

Mostly I think I love the smell of fall. There are so many great smells that are a part of fall. (Do you agree Rob?) Hurry up fall!

What's your favorite part of fall?